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ImageIt has been 120 years from today since we started Pinto’s Pharmacy and Medical Supplies For many generations we have provided am excellent customer service to Hudson County residents and all across New Jersey. We are proud to tell that back in 1972 we received award to become the first pharmacy to fill 1 Million prescriptions. We are located opposite Christ Hospital and have been integral part of patient care. Even while we were conceptualizing what our pharmacy would be, we have always recognized the role of our people; we take pride in our loyal and competent staff.

Year after year, we become better at serving customers. Over time, we’ve managed to develop our services, hone our customer care approach and most of all, we improved our pharmacy facilities to serve the demands of our clientele. We make sure that each time they drop by at Pinto’s Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, it will be a pleasant shopping experience.

The pharmacy services that our customers enjoy are fully-personalized. We get to know each of our customers just like a doctor would get to know their patients. Medication plans are studied, prescriptions are reviewed. We answer our customers’ questions in the best way we can while we also keep them informed of their various choices when it comes to purchasing medications and/or acquiring durable medical equipment.

We consciously put an effort everyday to meet the requests of our clients whether it’s for over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and supplements or for compounding solutions. As much as possible, we help our customers save too. The lesser they have to spend to receive high quality pharmacy products, the closer we are to achieving customer satisfaction.

We serve you with a smile. Our commitment is in achieving your very best health possible. Thank you for choosing Pinto’s Pharmacy and Medical Supplies. Drop by soon to speak with our pharmacists!


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