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HIV/AIDS is a disease spectrum of the human immune system caused by infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Thus, our pharmacist recommends HIV screening as well as initial assessment is initiated in order to ‘stage’ the disease. Substantially, our pharmacy is using the most widely used staging system which is the CDC’s AIDS Surveillance Case Definition for Adolescents and Adults. In this type of system individuals are assigned a stage according to both a CD4 cell count category and a clinical one (eg, ‘A1′ or ‘C2′). To ensure that stages system are working accordingly to every patient needs we categorized them into 4 categories such as:

CD4 count greater than or equal to 500 cells/mm3 or 29%.
CD4 count equal to 200-499 cells/mm3 or 14%-28%.
CD4 count less than 200 cells/mm3 or less than 14%.

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