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Outgrowing the conventional function of pharmacies, Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy serves our customers beyond simply providing the medications your physician prescribes. Our pharmacy evolved and improved as much as the needs of the people and preferences has changed and as science advanced even more.


At Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy, we offer you broad choices in medical products and services. All the more, we are deeply committed to the purpose of serving you for the continuity of your health management.

Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy fills medications that are usually high cost and/or high risk medications that treat rare or severe disease states. An on call pharmacist, nurse, and insurance specialist 24/7 via toll free phone number.

Demonstrations and education materials on administrating your medications. Advice on proper storage and disposal of medications. Aid with patient assistance programs to lower cost of co-pays, help during deductible and non-insurance. Discounts and percent-off reductions. A full-service specialty pharmacy to fill your other medical prescriptions. Free delivery service both workplace and to your home.

Disease specific programs to complement your current disease management. This includes managing side effects, coordinating care with your physician’s office, monitoring response to medications. We also provide up to date information on disease states and medications.

Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy employ the best technology and automation in the industry, allowing the pharmacist to focus on patient care and physician support. Our pharmacy is centered on providing prescription products, compounds, complementary over-the-counter (OTC) supplies, while also providing drug information to patients and providers

The majority of inpatient pharmacy services are delivered. Provides twenty-four hour inpatient pharmacy services. Inpatient pharmacy areas support distributive and pharmacy services provided by staff pharmacy specialists and pharmacy technicians.

Delivery to your workplace or home. We offer free next day delivery to your workplace. Prescriptions can be delivered to most of the offsite locations. We also offer free delivery right to your home. Home delivery requests must be made by the day before the medication needs to be delivered.

Our pharmacy products and services have undergone strict quality assurance measures. You can have the peace of mind that you and your family will only get quality medication and top-notch services from Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy. Call us now at 201-241-3333 for more information.

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