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Disease Therapy Management Partners

Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy can create customized refill forms that are available via fax/electronically for physicians. The patient records are sent automatically to the physician on a monthly basis. We provide packaging services without additional charge.

Referral Forms

You can download our forms below to easily send your prescriptions to Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy, return it to us via fax 800-708-2543.

Forms coming soon…

Administrative Support

Pinto’s Specialty Pharmacy is committed to attaining a 100% fullest satisfaction of our customers. To make their trip to our pharmacy convenient, we created a billing department to support you and your patient’s needs. Our billing experts will help our customers get maximum coverage and work through tough reimbursement/coverage issues.

Specialty Medication List

Email us with your prescription/medication requests or you can check our Specialty Medication list below.

Click here to download the specialty medication list.